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Smudging with Sage & Palo Santo


Your home is an extension of your body and spirit

$60 for the first hour, and $20 per hour there after
(Most homes are completed within 1-2 hours)

A smudging (energy clearing / house blessing) is recommended to be done for anyone who just built or moved in to a new home, are experiencing difficulties with others in the home, are dealing with unexplained hardships in the home, went through a trauma or loss in the home, or are experiencing unexplained symptoms such as sadness, depression, insomnia, etc.

Removing negative and trapped energies that have been brought in / left behind can make all the difference in having a happy experience in your home.

A cleansing should be done periodically in order to remove negative energy that we can take on from others and bring into the home. People tend to request a house cleansing before or after moving, during romantic or professional challenges, or after someone has been ill or passed in the home.

With the strong cleansing power of Sage, the good energy of Palo Santo, and Reiki, your home will be cleansed of negative, dense / heavy, unserving energy for you and your family, filling your space with love, light, and positive energy. After a smudging, there is generally a feeling of dense / heavy energy lifting from the person or place, and a strong feeling of lightness and positivity that follows. You will notice a happier, lighter mood in the people who live there.

A smudging is wonderful way to have a "fresh start" and new beginning. Removing the old, and making room for new. Did you know sage is also an antibacterial?

To schedule, send a message via the contact page, call, or send an email to scheduling@thehealingchakra.com

Smudgings can also be done at any business! If you are dealing with difficult employees / coworkers - try a smudging!