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Prices and Packages

I strive to make pricing affordable for everyone and of an equal and fair exchange energetically. To be of the utmost service to you spiritually and energetically, I focus completely on The Healing Chakra and thus do not put my energies toward any other form of employment. I do not seek to grow rich from this practice, but to merely maintain my resources so that I may continue to offer these services. If the below prices are not affordable to you, please get in touch as a slight sliding scale can be offered.



$50.00 (60 minutes)
$70.00 (90 minutes)

Reiki for 2
$110 (60 minutes)

Reiki + Reflexology
$90 (60 minutes)

Chakra Balancing
$30.00 (30 minutes)


$80.00 (60 minutes)
$100.00 (90 minutes)

Reiki for 2
$140.00 (60 minutes each)

Reiki for 3
$195.00 (60 minutes each)

Reiki for 4
$240.00 (60 minutes each)

Smudging (Home or Office)
$50.00 first 60 minutes
$15.00 per hour thereafter
Add-on Smudging to any In Home Reiki Session for only $20

A note on tipping: It is customary to tip your Reiki practitioner, as you would a massage therapist. At The Healing Chakra, tips are not ever expected, but always appreciated.



Energy Reset Package - One Month of Aggressive Healing
Three (or more) In Office Reiki Sessions in 30 days

$40.00 each (60 minutes) $60.00 each (90 minutes)
Sometimes we need to retrain our energy to stay moving and open at our energy centers, and to release any deep rooted blocks not serving you, more than one reiki session is needed in order to accomplish this. Clients who have utilized this package have seen great results in their energy, mood, and physical / mental well-being. Can pay at each session, all 3 appointments just need to be set in advance, if possible. 



New Clients
$40.00 first 60 minute Reiki session
$60 first 90 minute Reiki session
Just choose "new client special" on the booking page

$10.00 discount (any service)
Your referrals are one of the most important pieces that can help this practice be successful. For every new person you refer for a Reiki session, that person will receive $10.00 off at their first appointment, and you will receive $10.00 off your next Reiki session.

Recurring Appointments
10% Discount (reiki sessions only)
Book your next appointment at the end of your sesssion and receive a 10% discount.
Discount will be lost if appointment is cancelled.

*Receive half off on every 10th Reiki session*

*Please note, times are approximate and will vary slightly from person to person.